A while back I ranted about some schools in Japan that were using tiny radio transmitters to keep track of their students. Among other things, I wondered about the lawsuits that would result when the technology migrated to the US. Well, we may not have long to see those legal proceedings.

It seems some superintendents in California have started using RFID technology to keep track of elementary and middle school students. The parents are not at all happy about the plan. Why? Well, among other things school administrators gave the kids ID badges with the tracking chips installed and didn’t bother to tell anyone. And then there was the matter of the deal they made with the manufacturer of the technology. The company agreed to pay the school to use the students as guinea pigs for their new system.

If the parents do decide to sue, their chances of winning are certainly enhanced by the stupidity of the attorney representing the district who said that the outcry was "completely unanticipated". Right. Fortunately, there are still a few people left in the US who don’t like the idea of people not accused of a crime being tracked without their knowledge.