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Blocking the Technological Flood

Cell phones are already banned in New York City schools but the Mayor would like to go even farther and jam the signals for those kids who dare to violate his rules.

Of course, it’s against the law to do that but you can’t deny a politician from thinking in easy solutions.

So, what does Bloomberg have against cell phones in schools?

Beyond the ring tone interruptions, there’s always the concern that “phones could be used to cheat, take photos, play games and even organize mischievous activity”.

But there are a variety of other electronic devices that can do all that. And even more concealable models are coming very soon.

We’re fast approaching the time when we either need to block every piece of portable technology at the school house door.

Or learn to make use of it in teaching and learning.

And it’s pretty clear the former isn’t working.

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  1. jessica

    i don’t think that’s right, cell phones, should be alloud in schoo… maybe to check the time or something… besides if someone is on a cell phone the teacher is not doing there job, well, or correctly…

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