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Book ‘im, Danno!

It sounds as if the big guy in the red suit is violating all kinds of privacy protection regulations, both in England and the US.

Santa Claus could be breaking privacy laws in his collection and use of data about British children, experts have warned. Yuletide cheer-bringer Claus could be putting the personal data of millions of children at risk.

Data protection laws lay down strict conditions for the use of personal data and there is no evidence that Claus has an adequate compliance programme in place.

“What about the naughty/nice database?” said Malcolm. “Are children given notice that behavioural data is being collected about them throughout the year? And does it qualify as covert monitoring, which would breach Article 8 of the European Convention on Human Rights?”

Not to mention all the statutes covering breaking and entering.

Merry Christmas, 21st century style. :-)

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  1. Dave

    (without reading the article) I suppose the twist is that a minor’s parent/guardian would actually be the one to give/withhold legal consent, so it might work out OK.

    Seems like the US might consider recognizing his team as diplomats and granting some immunity privileges.

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