To quote the classic Gary Larson cartoon, “Can I be excused? My head is full.”

Yesterday is something of a blur, with 2+ wonderful scheduled discussions and many others in the halls and over lunch and dinner.

It’s only 2+ because I sat in on Gary Stager offering one of his high energy sessions on the topic What Does Good Teaching with Computers Look Like?. Not much discussion but interesting and entertaining.

If you’d like to get a flavor of what is going on this weekend in Philadelphia, check the agenda and listen to some of the UStream videos that are being produced.

While this is officially video, you’ll probably get more from the sessions by ignoring the picture and just listening to the discussions.

You’ll notice a few technical glitches in the streams but for the most part the SLA kids who running the system are doing a fantastic job.

I’ll have more about the actual conversations after I have the chance to review my notes and listen to some of the discussions again.

I’m off to one more day of learning.