Bringing the Leaders Together

Today is the annual Leadership Conference here in the overly-large school district.

Something like 2000 principals, district administrators, school board members and a whole bunch of us central office types will be spending the morning at one of our secondary schools (grades 7-12 in one building) to hear from the superintendent and others.

Mercifully, the event will only be half a day this year since the budget doesn’t allow for serving everyone lunch as in the past. (But that also means no taco salads.)

Another high point is that our keynote speaker is Alan November. We’ve been lobbying the organizers of this meeting to invite him for at least five years.

I’m hopeful that Alan will slap our school and central leaders across the head (in his usual folksy manner, of course) and that they will pay attention to what he has to say about the need to change our educational focus.

I have some reason to be optimistic since many of them responded very positively to what Daniel Pink and Jennifer James had to say last year.

Anyway, I’ll probably be tweeting from the overflow room as I watch the proceedings.