Tonight is the last original episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. For some people this is a huge emotional trauma that will leave a large hole in their lives. Fortunately, I don’t know any of those people!

I will certainly miss the program. It is one of the few television programs that I actually planned to watch each week and that I’ve watched from the first day. Buffy is that rare TV series that combined outstanding writing with great characters and constantly excellent performances. A great story, well told – which is all I ask from my entertainment.

Which makes the article in our morning paper slightly distressing. Some college are running symposiums on the cultural significance of Buffy. I understand the idea of using cultural references as teaching tools – I’ve done that in my teaching. But basing entire courses on a TV show, no matter how good, is beyond me.

From reading the Videot’s preview of the programs coming from the broadcast networks it doesn’t look as if I’ll have something to replace Buffy in my weekly schedule. I guess I’ll have to find something other than television for that hour. Maybe I can read some of the 250 papers submitted for the college symposium.