According to a British government “education expert”, if students are using technology to cheat, we should use technology to stop them.

Professor Underwood suggested introducing Faraday cages to block mobile phone signals into every school exam hall in the country would slash problems.

She said: “There is a rising fear that technology is fuelling this problem. There are enough people doing it to be worried.

“Technologically it would be relatively straightforward to stop mobile phones working. You put a Faraday cage around the exam room.”

I don’t know the cost of installing a Faraday cage, but I’d bet it’s an awfully expensive “solution” to this problem. (It would be of far greater benefit to society if these devices were installed in theaters. :-)

However, there’s something else to consider here.

If it’s so easy to use a cell phone to cheat on an exam, maybe it’s the test itself that’s the problem.

We’re asking students to recall easily located facts when instead we should be testing their understanding of how to apply that information.

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