I love it when David Thornburg gets on his soap box!

In a short piece for The Pulse he takes off on the large disconnect between the rhetoric of our politicians and their actions, especially when it comes to education.

Who could fault our call for excellence in all things, especially education? No one, except, apparently, those charged with bringing these pronouncements to fruition. When it actually comes time to take serious action, it is as though our leadership fails to show up for the game.

Let’s look at NCLB. Title aside, this law has been interpreted as the Standardized Testing Full Employment Act that treats kids as factoid regenerators who are tested to the point of absurdity in the fear that any performance defects will adversely affect already-strapped school funding. As the adage has it, floggings will continue until morale improves.

All of the talk of the past few years about improving education and “21st century skills” mirrors that of 50 years ago. Minus any real action to back it up, of course.

But with all the effort expended over the years to become the innovative leaders of the world in science, technology, engineering and math, maybe the country deserves a little chill time.

So, once again, maybe we should just chill out. Sit back with a six-pack and the remote and let other countries take the lead. Maybe we deserve the rest. Trudging overseas for those Nobel prizes is so tiring. Creating breakthrough industries is so risky. Maybe our leaders are just taking a break.

With any luck we have just elected a few leaders who will read and understand what he’s saying.

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