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Chronically Disorganized

Anyone heard of an outfit called The National Study Group on Chronic Disorganization?

According to their web site they provide, among other things, solutions to help “chronically disorganized people”.

I wonder if they’re looking for research subjects. I may have to move in!


  1. Doug Johnson

    I’d go to their website – if I could find the URL. I know it’s around here somewhere!


  2. Betty

    I have been disorganized my whole life in spite of really trying to get my act together. It is impossible for me to be neat. I even bought a new filing system, and after a few weeks, the files are no longer in alphabetical order. I’m going to have to check this website out before I forget where I saw it.

  3. Julie Cubino

    There’s a group for everything! I have heard of them… I’m actually a member of NSGCD and have the CPO-CD certification… that’s short for certified professional organizer in chronic disorganization. Who knew there was such a thing!?!? The good news is that chronic disorganization can be conquered. The key is learning how to maintain something after you’ve organized it so that the disorganization doesn’t creep back in.

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