Communicating Like It’s 1999

The new assistant superintendent for our department here in the overly-large school district says he wants to improve communications both within the organization and with his office.

To that end, a couple of months ago he started writing a weekly email message to all of us. Lots of text, one-way message.

This week his efforts took several steps even farther backwards when his message showed up as a PDF newsletter-formatted attachment.

We continue preaching “21st century” skills for kids while modeling methods from the 20th.

4 Comments Communicating Like It’s 1999

  1. Doug Johnson

    And give us some examples of how you would like him to communicate with his staff? Do you all have RSS feed readers so he could blog? Does your district allow Facebook access? Does everything he needs to say be done in 140 characters?

    Hey, cut the guy some slack – he’s trying and at least it isn’t printed! And either he or his secretary knows how to create a pdf file.


  2. Sara Carter

    Oh. Yes.
    This is so perfect.
    Two years ago, an edict was issued in my school: no more email attachments. Use links to google docs.
    Have yet to receive a link; have received thousands of attachments.


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