As I mentioned a few days ago, I’m off at our state technology in education conference, both to attend and present. My first workshop was this morning and it went very well. What really made it a good experience, however, wasn’t me or the handouts but the people in the group. We had a group that was interested and involved, asking lots of good questions and just a lot of fun to work with. I’ve never understood people who spend the time and money to attend a conference and then don’t interact in any way. A few times at previous conferences (fortunately, very few) I’ve had groups where, no matter what I’d try, everyone just sat there like a lump, contributing nothing to the experience. That’s a bad experience.

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  1. Tim

    With budgets for conference attendance the way they are (way down), most of the people who came this year really wanted to be there and many paid their own way. In past years when there was a lot of grant money, too many people attended conferences for reasons other than professional development. Of course, Roanoke, Virginia isn’t exactly a spa destination. :-)

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