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Cops – School Edition

There’s never a dull moment here in the overly-large school district.

Earlier this week, an assistant principal in one of our elementary schools was picked up by police for growing marijuana in his home.

You know, one of those big suburban homes with a nice lawn and the neighbors who tell reporters about what a nice man he was before the cops arrived.

And whose wife, also arrested, is the lead singer for a local Klezmer band.

However, just because that’s not enough strangeness for one Post story, we also have a teacher from a county to the west of ours who was arrested this week.

For being drunk in public.

At 11 am.

In her classroom.

It’s tough not to laugh. Especially considering how much all this sounds like a story line from The Simpsons.

Maybe these people should also be charged with extreme stupidity.

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  1. Jenny

    Really makes you proud to do your job, doesn’t it!

  2. ms. frizzle

    I remember in HS, we would all talk about which of our teachers were showing up to work hung-over. It felt grown-up and worldly to be able to tell. So my guess is the kids are loving all this news…

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