With a little trepidation about messing up my nice new MacBook Pro, I decided to give running Windows on the machine at try.

Right now there are two options for doing that. Apple’s Boot Camp offers a choice of running the Mac OS or Windows at start up. Parallels’ Workstation opens Windows in its own window just like a normal application.

I chose the Parallels software since I really don’t need to run Windows-only software very often. Outlook, Publisher, Access, and an occasional web site that still doesn’t believe in web standards.

The amazing thing is not that it works – I’ve used Windows emulation software on Macs before (dog slow!) – but that it works very, very well. The set up was simple and installing Windows was the same as on any PC (slooooow).

The picture above is my messy desktop with Windows sitting on top showing Outlook and a movie playing in IE.

The Windows software I’ve tried works as well as it does on the Dull Dell laptop issued by the office but with the advantages of a brighter, clearer screen and the ability to run my Mac software at the same time.

Right now, the Parallels software is beta so there are still a few problems. The biggest is that they don’t have the wireless connection working, but that is supposed to be fixed in the final version.

I also haven’t tried anything that would really tax Windows, so I don’t know how the system will handle it. But then, I don’t really need to know. All the software I use to actually get stuff done is on the Mac side anyway.

macbook pro, windows, parallels