The alternate city council/big pappa of the District of Columbia (aka Congress) is up to their usual garbage. While raving all about bringing democracy to Iraq, the Republicans in the House are once again trying to remove it from the Nation’s Capital. A bill, supported by a majority of House members, would eliminate almost all of the restrictions on guns approved by the District’s city council – the government officials that DC residents actually have the right to vote for. And, just to illustrate how double-speak is supposed to work, the sponsors are calling the bill the DC Personal Protection Act.

When combined with the failure to act on renewing the ban on assault weapons, this shows just how far in the pocket of the NRA and the gun lobby the Congress really is. Beyond that, however, it shows the complete contempt they have for the people of the District of Columbia and their ability to govern themselves. Just imagine what would happen if the House were to try changing the laws of any other city or state in the country. The people living there would tell Congress exactly where to get off, possibly using some vice-presidential language.