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Dispelling The Myth of Chatty Cathy

I probably would be better off ignoring this article from the morning paper but here goes anyway.

Two new studies, one by a psychologist at my alma mater, claim to show the common stereotype that women are far more talkative than men is just a myth.

One recorded nearly 400 college students for days and found that members of each sex uttered virtually the same number of words.

The second, an analysis of 63 studies of gender differences in talkativeness, found that men actually yakked slightly more than women, especially when interacting with spouses or strangers, and when the topic of conversation was non-personal.

I’ll be brief, finishing this post with a question and a statement.

The question: would this study hold true for other forms of communications, like blogging?

The statement: these findings do not apply around my house.

Boy, will I hear about that last one! :-)

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  1. Chris Lehmann

    Oh… you are a dead man. :)

    I have to admit that I probably talk more than Kat. It’s close, though…

    (And Jakob has us both beat!)

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