Mike Bowler, the education writer at the Baltimore Sun, is not happy with either high schools or universities. Let us count the ways: high college tutition rates are shutting out many students; the standardized tests required by many states aren’t aligned with the expectations of colleges; increasing numbers of remedial classes in colleges mean they’re doing the work of the high schools; weak students are forced to abandon college. Overall his thesis is that there should be a "seamless pipeline from kindergarten through college"

Bowler doesn’t have any answers to these problems, other than to say that "a lot of smart people and people of goodwill" are trying to solve them. Maybe, but I disagree with his basic assumption. Bowler – and too many other people in this country – believe that every student should attend college. While every graduate needs some kind of post high school training, the university system is not necessarily the route they should take. We need to make more options available (or tell kids about the ones they already have) before families spend a small fortune on the wrong path.