Dream Job

Stephanie at Change Agency is looking for a new job and she doesn’t want to settle for run of the mill.

I want to work in an innovative environment. A real innovative environment — not just a place that says it is innovative. Actions speak much louder than words.

By innovation I mean creative, out-of-the-box thinking about everything from teaching and learning to curriculum, school structure & organization, leadership, and technology integration. Something along these lines. This means that people within the organization are open to new ideas and the words “we’ve always done it this way” or “ that will never work” are never spoken.

Except for her requirement that the job be in the Houston area, and couple of other pieces, I can only say “me too! me too!”

To be fair, my current job offers some of the features Stephanie’s looking for.

I do get to work with many “dedicated and innovative” people. I just wish that phrase could be applied to far more of the folks at the upper levels of management in our overly-large school district.

And my boss certainly “understands and values true work/life balance”.

However, “Your concept of school improvement really means complete reinvention of the system. Really.”?

Not a chance around here.

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  1. Kelly Christopherson

    I’m not looking for a new job because I’ve decided that I can create my own job right where I am. As an administrator, I have a certain amount of leeway to move things around so this upcoming year, our staff focus will be on using new tools to increase the capacity of the school to offer students a greater variety of options for demonstrating their understanding. My focus will be on 1. helping teachers and students use these new tools 2. get the IT dept to walk the talk – it may rock a boat or two and 3. get parents and other partners to work with the students in creating an atmosphere of excitement for what we are doing – let’s make learning fun! I’m pumped for this. I know that there will be people who will really resist but, once the rock gets rolling, it will hard to stop. That is my focus – moving the rock. Thus far in my career, I’m a pretty good rock mover although I haven’t been around to see the fruits of the rolling. I’m just going to reinvent the job – for me.

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