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Election Reflection

According to the senior Senator from Maryland, Barbara Mikulski, “…when the Democrats go in, we don’t seek revenge. We seek results.”

I hope that’s the attitude adopted by most of the newly-in-control-of-Congress Democrats.

Considering how the results of the past two to six years have been either bad or non existent, it would be nice to see the government do something that actually improves life in this country for people who make well south of $1 million.

I’d like to be optimistic.

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  1. Joe_Thomas

    Revenge, no, but oversight and accountability– at least some oversight and accountability– must be initiated in Washington.

    No one can tell me if it were Republicans brought in by an electorate weary of war and corruption that the next Congress would be devoid of investigations.

    We need to focus on making progress on the issues facing Americans (not just America), but we also need to take a hard look at what has transpired over the last 4-8 years. There are questions that need answers, motives that need understanding, and actions that require ownership.

    Locking out the Republican minority would be a mistake, and would reveal that the Democrat majority does not comprehend what the electorate handed them.

    Reaching across the aisle to moderate Republicans– mainstream Republicans– and charting a course for American prosperity… that would indicate an understanding of what Americans want.

  2. Diana King

    “Reaching across the aisle to moderate Republicans– mainstream Republicans–” That would be great, but it seems that many of the moderate Republicans that were in Congress, like Jim Leach, didn’t get back in–which is a shame. And apparently some Republicans are now saying that the key to winning again is to go back to the extreme conservative positions that they won with a few years ago. That would be a disaster, in my opinion, because it would make polarization even worse.

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