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Extreme Filtering

Many schools electronically prevent students from accessing MySpace and other socialization sites on their networks.

Some have taken that one step farther by doing the same with all Blogger and TypePad pages.

But Kim’s school seems to have set a new level of heavy-handed censorship by “actively blocking any web site or page where the word ‘blog’ appears”.

Who needs misguided federal laws like DOPA when you have plenty of clueless school administrators?

Watch out wikis! You’re next.

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  1. Jonathan

    I guess that does not really fall under the first amendment. But it has a pretty good chance of interfering with students doing research on first amendment issues.

    The filtering is getting out of hand. In NYC, some kids’ pages were blocked, some weren’t (a bad keyword count, maybe?), the most popular school-based network is blocked… But also plenty of regular content.

    I guess they want kids working far away from adult supervision.


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