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Far From Home

After twelve hours of flying, airport running around, and the (now) usual security dance, we find ourselves here…

Qingdao, first of five stops on a tour of Chinese cities by the choir in which my wife sings. Me? I'm here for new experiences, learning, and picture taking opportunities.

As time and connections allow, I'm going to try posting one or two pictures a day (subject to the whims of the great firewall), along with a short reflection of the sights and sounds. Enjoy.


  1. Doug Johnson

    You have at least one fan looking forward to the photos!


  2. Ann-Bailey

    I love China. So jealous of your trip and can’t wait to see pictures! Are you going to Xian?

    • tim

      Xian was an optional extension but we couldn’t afford either the time or money. Something for a return visit.

  3. Karen

    Are the any pandas I’m your itinerary?

    • tim

      Not so far. There’s supposed to be a preserve near Guangzhou and a few people seem interested in finding it while we are there.

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