Fear of blogging has been a regular theme around here lately. The focus, unfortunately, has been on how nervous administrators and teachers are about the irresponsible posts created by students.

Barbara Ganley, however, posts a wonderful and thoughtful look at fear from another angle.

…the fear of change–the fear of free-falling, of moving away from the known, of relinquishing control and of the impact on our time and the resulting pressure on how we train our teachers. It’s one thing to talk about subject-centered, collaborative-centered, connected learning (via blogs or not); it’s another thing altogether to make it truly a reality in classrooms employing blogs in ways many edubloggers write about, including me.

She pulls in the ideas of several others who are writing about blogging with students to create an essay that offers much to think about. This is an example of the kind of opportunity to “network and discuss” we should be offering our students.

Well worth a few minutes of your time.

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