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Fear of Blogging, Resolved

A few days ago, Kate at Reflection 2.0, her newly created blog, reflected on whether or not she might be putting her job at risk by expressing herself in this public forum.

After talking things over with her principal, she finds that blogging in the open may not be as scary as she first believed.

As usual, my worries were completely and utterly unfounded. My principal is a visionary in education and treated me like the professional I am – it’s understood that I won’t compromise the confidentiality of our students or the integrity of our district and I’m now free to blog under my full name without the fear that it will somehow come back to haunt me in the future.

Therein lies the key to avoiding problems, being honest but professional in your writing.

And in the words of a beloved television character from way before Kate’s time (not mine :-): “Let’s be careful out there.

Welcome to the edublogosphere.

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  1. Kate Olson

    Thanks for the follow-up on my blogging journey!

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