Last night the large semi-professional* choir in which my wife sings had their big annual fund raising gala. Since I’m also married to the chairperson of the accompanying raffle, I "volunteered" to help at the big party. (I must have been asleep when I did that.)

Not that it isn’t fun to watch rich people drinking (someone will have to clue me if martini bars are still in) and spending lots of money on already over-valued auction items and raffle tickets. But it’s all for a good cause and these people can afford to part with the cash.

Now I rarely toss anything about my personal life into these ravings – that would drive traffic down to zero. However, there IS a connection to education in this story. The gala was held at the National Education Association building in the District. I just wanted to let the members of that fine organization know that their headquarters makes a wonderful space to throw a party.

* meaning everyone gets paid but the singers. :-)