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Free The Cell Phone

Almost anyone who has a cell phone account in the US might send up a cheer about a matter now before the Federal Communications Commission.

Skype Communications has filed a petition with that government agency asking them to “recognize that cell phone users should have the same rights as those who use regular landline phones – the right to attach equipment and to use services they want”.

In other words, we should have the right to buy any equipment we want and then take it to any service provider to use. Just like they get to do in many parts of the world that is not here.

Of course, cell customers shouldn’t get too happy since there is some opposition to this idea.

Namely, the big wireless companies who make lots of profits from keeping all of us trapped and confused by their pricing schemes.

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  1. Brian B.

    Good luck to them – this administration is pretty “Big Business” and they are not likely to make sweeping changes that might affect big companies (e.g. campaign contributors).

    Eventually I think they will be successful – several years down the road. We did not used to be able to buy a cell phone without a service contract, now we have Go Phones (or whatever they are calling those pre-paid phones now).

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