Iraq – Even the Red Cross and the UN are leaving! Why does my warped little mind keep flashing back to one of the final scenes in Animal House in which Kevin Bacon, dressed in his ROTC uniform, is trampled by stampeding townspeople as he’s yelling "Don’t panic! All is well!"?

Different Kinds of Disabilities – Earlier this week, I watched as a Hummer pulled into a handicapped space at the supermarket and an Ahnold wannabe jumped out and walked into the store. The SAV (suburban assault vehicle) had a temporary handicap tag hanging in the window. I guess this guy’s handicap was severe stupidity due to testosterone poisoning.

Telephone Polls – Within an hour one night this week I was called by two different polling organizations (exempt under the Do Not Call list), asking about next week’s local elections. The issues included in the "brief survey" were the same (taxes, traffic, schools, abortion) and they didn’t mention any candidate or party. It wasn’t hard to tell who was paying the bills, however, just from the incredibly slanted questions.

Halloween – The little kids are cute, although the costumes are a little unimaginative this year. But the older kids who barely try to put together a costume are just validation of Wiley Miller’s assessment of Halloween as "a day of legal extortion".