Friday Random Rants

Elections – The old saying goes that "all politics is local". If that’s true, then people should be most interested in elections for local office, right? Why, then, did only 30% of eligible voters in this area bother to vote last Tuesday’s election for nothing but local offices? It couldn’t be because they’re satisfied with taxes, traffic, schools, etc.

The SUV Loophole – Congress says you can deduct up to $100,000 from your income to buy a luxury SAV (suburban assault vehicle) for "business purposes". I wonder how many $100,000 campaign "contributions" it took to get that one passed.

Confederate Flags – Howard Dean wants to be the white trash candidate. That doesn’t necessarily make him racist. Stupid, but not racist.

The International Spy Museum – I played hookey today and went to see this new museum in Washington DC. Well worth your time and money ($13!) if you’re visiting. I left feeling very paranoid, however.