Your Money Or Your Data – Here’s a novel approach to computer infections: a Trojan horse installs itself on your computer, scrambles your files and then offers to sell you the key to unlock them. Notice I said "you". I use a Mac. (Sorry. I’m obligated to write a slam of the Big Monopoly at least once a month. :-)

Long Live The Joke – According to one NYT writer, the joke is dead. He’s talking about the humorous story – "the kind that involve a narrative setup, some ridiculous details and a punch line" – now replaced by "observational humor and one-liners". The primary suspect in the death: political correctness. Can we kill political correctness instead?

Time’s Up – All of you hoping to escape to the future by heading down that wormhole in the basement, forget it. A couple of theoretical physicists in Oregon say that building a "traversable" wormhole for time travel won’t work. However, there are other scientists who say it is possible. The subject is fascinating but I wouldn’t know where to begin judging a debate between the two sides. I know, let’s ask the "intelligent designer".

Fictitious Slander – Tom DeLay is upset because a character on one of the Law and Order programs made the crack that, in looking for someone who killed two judges, "maybe we should look for somebody in a Tom DeLay T-shirt". Putting aside the fact that only someone who reads the political blogs would understand the remark, doesn’t he have better things to do?