Gore Endorses Dean – Does this really matter? The election will be won or lost next fall in three months of enough negative advertising to make your eyes bleed. In the end most eligible voters will not cast a ballot and the politicians will continue to not give a shit about what non-contributors think. I hope I’m wrong.

The Supreme Court – The geriatric supremes say that the campaign finance law, including the ban on soft money is constitutional. They’re right but no one should get too excited. Both sides have rooms full of high-priced lawyers finding ways to get around the law. This was never a free speech issue. It’s about buying friends and influencing politicians.

Rat Cars – Those overpowered little cars (think Civic with a spoiler) that dart in and out of traffic like big rats. Besides being annoying, over the past few months I’ve seen a couple dozen accidents involving these idiots. What’s worse are the nut jobs who drive their SAVs (suburban assault vehicles) and vans the same way.

Contracts to Rebuild Iraq – W says if you didn’t help us invade the place, you can’t get any of the contracts to repair the damage. And, oh by the way, we still want you to send troops and forgive Iraqi debts. You mean to tell me W and friends are going to give these billion dollar deals to anyone other than Halliburton? Do we have any friends left in the world? Does W care if we do?