Joe Gibbs – If you’re not in the Washington area you may not understand this but the news media around here is it’s third day of fawning overload. It’s just football!! At least this story has pushed all the "local angle" reporting on Michael Jackson and Scott Peterson off the air.

MacWorld – I’m really looking forward to playing with Garage Band and the new version of iPhoto but you can keep the mini iPods. They’re over priced by at least $50. Besides, the model I have isn’t that much bigger and holds a hell of a lot of more music and audio books.

W’s Moon Base – I’m as fascinated with the Mars pictures as anyone but W is going to have to do one hell of a job selling this space plan to justify spending an amount north of $500 billion. There are plenty of other scientific research areas that are underfunded here on earth, not to mention the science education we try to do on the cheap.

Mad Cow – A friend is supposed to go to China this summer on an educational exchange program. She rationalizes that she can go and risk getting SARS or stay here and risk getting mad cow. Of course, in either place she has a far greater risk of being hit by a bus so the statistical choice is to lock herself in the house!! Should I have a burger or salmon for dinner?