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Friday Random Rants

The State of the Union – Terror. Terror. Terrorists. Iraq. Saddam. 9-11. Terror. Spend, spend, spend. Terrorists. Tax cut, cut, cut (for us, not them). Marriage (for us, not them). Terror. Terrorists. Steroids (?). Oh, yeah… education. Terrorists. Everything is peachy keen. [Running long – cut Mars.]*

Iowa – I’ve been to Iowa in January. I used to live to the immediate left of Iowa. There’s nothing to do in Iowa in January. Lots of people running around giving speeches is high entertainment in Iowa in January. A few weeks from now, very few people will remember January in Iowa. Including the people living there.

Howard Dean – One reason that Dean stands out – and the news media is ganging up on him – is that he’s showing unscripted passion for something. I probably won’t vote for Dean but at least something on the talking heads channels is unscripted.

Winter – Traditionalists can stick to their vision of Hell as a place full of brimstone and fire. Sorry, that’s not it. Hell is freezing with a steady wind and occasional bursts of cold rain, freezing rain, sleet and more rain. And constantly happy weather people with nothing new to say. No real snow falls in Hell, however, since that would be too much fun!

*Update: Jon Stewart did a better analysis of the speech than any "regular" news outlet.

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  1. Vito Prosciutto

    Which is why the Daily Show is the only TV “news” that I watch. Although as the election comes closer I start surfing for campaign commercials and debates.

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