Super Bowl Half Time – It’s the end of American civilization!! I didn’t see it (or any part of the multi-day "event") but from the pontificating and outrage going around this week, it must be the end of something. Or the start, I’m not sure which. Next year just move the whole bloated mess to pay-per-view and produce two versions, one PG, the other R. You know which one will sell better.

The Grammy’s – CBS plans to have a one hour delay on the broadcast so they can go through it frame by frame and eliminate anything remotely offensive, right down to the suspicious smiles. Or so I’ve heard. I wonder if the nominees in the Best Polka Recording category will perform.

The Oscars – In the Best Picture category I’m pulling for either "The Return of the King" or "Lost in Translation". The simple reason is they’re the only two nominated pictures I’ve seen. If one of them wins, that will make two years in a row that I will have seen the best picture before it won that award ("Chicago" won last year). Considering how few "oscar worthy" movies I see each year, that must say something about my demented little mind.

The Bland Leading the Bland – What do you get when one mediocre PC company buys another mediocre PC company? No, not HP and Compaq – that’s already happened. This time Gateway is buying eMachines. Yawn. Actually, I’m surprised we haven’t seen more of this considering how many manufacturers are out there trying to squeeze profit out of super low-margin home systems. Truly disposable computers.

Groundhog Day – The little rat called for six more weeks of winter and we got a "snow" day (more like slushy-ice) the next day. Great excuse to pull out the movie of the same name and stay home!