Richard Clarke – I don’t know how much to believe of what he has to say. However, the more that W and his minions parrot the same script all over the talking-heads network, the more likely it is that Clarke is telling the truth. W’s spokespeople (including the "reporters" at Fox News, of course) have said very little about the substance of Clarke’s book and testimony before the 9-11 commission and instead have expended thousands of words to criticize the person. If Clarke was really that bad maybe we should question the ability of this administration to pick qualified people for important jobs.

The Pledge of Allegiance – Yet another distraction from the really important issues of the day. If you don’t like the words, don’t say them. Or insert the name of your favorite deity. But regarding the histrionics of those defending the inclusion of the words "under God", get a grip on history. This phrase didn’t come from the founding fathers. The pledge itself was approved by Congress long after the Constitution was ratified and the "under God" was added in 1954 after a campaign by the Knights of Columbus who were convinced these two words would help fight communism. The words have no meaning without the individual commitment to back them up and that’s something you can’t legislate.

Cherry Blossom Festival – I won’t be going into DC in the next two weeks if I can avoid it! Tomorrow is the start of the annual festival (celebrating Japan’s donation of the trees to DC) and the unofficial start of the tourist season around here. For the next three months we will have swarms of tour busses that cruse around town, getting lost, blocking traffic, polluting the air, and occasionally stopping to disgorge their mob. The two weeks around the festival is even worse, however, since hoards of locals join the tourists. Of course, the locals are all driving cars and watching the trees rather than the road. I hope everyone has a good time but I won’t be joining you.

Spring Break – One week away! To quote our fearless leader, bring it on!!