Friday Random Rants

Michael Jackson – The local media whores were in a frenzy this week over a visit to the Capitol by the tabloid’s favorite dysfunctional poster child. I’m not exactly sure why he was in town – something to do with the AIDS epidemic in Africa – but it was surreal to see Jackson in various weird costumes standing next to a bunch of politicians taking him and themselves far too seriously.

Rising Gas Prices – Nobody’s happy about them but a local television news report this week gave the "crisis" some real perspective. The reporter was asking people filling their vehicles at a gas station for their opinions on the issue. The loudest, most angry voice came from a guy filling a jumbo-sized SAV (suburban assault vehicle) from the premium pump. That certainly spoke volumes about the "problem".

Daylight Savings Time – Continuing it’s run as one of the dumbest ideas ever created. At least my home state of Arizona got it right!

Spring Break! – We’re off for the next week and it couldn’t have come at a better time. We still have the fourth quarter of the school year to get through. I’m not going anywhere but it’s just as well since I’ve got plenty to do around here, starting with getting my taxes done. Such a fun way to occupy vacation time!