Zell Miller – There must be something else happening there. No one is that pissed without multiple causes. Maybe Kerry shot his dog or took his parking space at the Senate. Lots of people have been ranting about his speech but this is the best take I’ve seen.

Arnold Swartzenegger – Even as a politician he’s a lousy actor. During his speech I couldn’t help thinking he looked like his own parody. And it appears that his childhood memories aren’t exactly crystal clear.

John McCain – I used to have a great deal of respect for McCain. However, for this convention he put his integrity in escrow and read the speech he was given (as he told Letterman this week). And the speech wasn’t very good.

Scary Images – It was hard to turn on the convention without hearing a speaker talk about all the threats coming our way. But didn’t W say we were safer (as is the rest of the world)?

Just Thinking – Look at what’s happened every time the US has declared "war" on a concept. Poverty, hunger, drugs – none of them especially successful wars. And now the concept of terrorism. I know I’m not the first to make this point but the thought has been rolling around in my warped little mind as I watched the convention this week.