Will Richardson, who maintains the excellent Weblogg-ed, offers some insight on what’s wrong with American education, prompted by a conversation with his seven-year old daughter.

The bigger sense here, for me at least, is the frustration that we continue to do what we’ve done for the last 100 years, deliver the curriculum we’ve been handed, the one that was written long before her teacher even met Tess. The one developed not to turn Tess into a lifelong learner but to insure that she passes the test. The one that says that her interests take a back seat to the interests of the state. I’m not saying there aren’t skills she needs to learn, but to be honest, I want her to have a passion for learning first.

Both Will and his daughter obviously don’t understand American education in the 21st Century. If it’s not on the test – we don’t teach it. And "passion for learning" just isn’t one of the multiple choices.