I haven’t been paying much attention to the election campaigns this month so yesterday I thought I’d catch up by watching a sampling of the Sunday talking-heads shows. It was like they’ve been in suspended animation. The same people talking about the same things, none of it relevant. I was, however, struck by a statement by one of the news "analysts". He said something to the effect that the Republicans wouldn’t let John Kerry talk about the issues, only about the accusations of the Jungle Boat Ride Operators.

That’s crap! Kerry, and W for that matter, won’t talk about the issues because the news organizations are too lazy to ask them and their minions about anything of substance. It’s easier to talk about whatever was in the last press release from one side or the other. Real journalism would involve doing some actual research. It requires that you risk offending someone by pressuring them to answer relevant questions about actual issues and not to be satisfied until they do. Instead of wallowing in the tabloid headlines of the past, put the candidate’s feet to the fire about the problems we have now and what the hell they plan to do about them. And don’t give up until you get some answers!