A friend pointed me to a recent segment of Larry King’s show on CNN in which he interviewed Donald Trump and the two finalists from the most recent installment of his show “The Apprentice”. Evidently there was some “controversy” over the way things turned out at the end of the contest.

I could care less about Trump and his show, and Larry King hasn’t been relevant since… well, forever. The interesting part was what King had to say about blogs and bloggers in one part of the conversation.

KING: I don’t know what you’re talking about. On one of my notes here said that — I don’t get bloggers. I don’t how to reach a blogger.

TRUMP: Hey, Larry, can I tell you what? I don’t even think your question is appropriate.

KING: Well, I’m told that some bloggers are saying it.

TRUMP: I don’t know if you are told that, Larry. I don’t even think your question is appropriate. I picked Randal. If race was a part of it, I wouldn’t have picked Randal. So I just think your question is totally inappropriate.

KING: All right. All I’m telling you is that my notes say that some bloggers are saying that.

TRUMP: OK. I’m sure they say that.

KING: I don’t even know how to touch a blog. Do you know how to get a blog?

“I don’t get bloggers”? Larry King is supposed to be a big media guy with connections to everywhere and he seems to have no clue about blogs, even though he’s trying to use one as a source. It’s also pretty obvious he doesn’t do any of his own research.

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