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Global Lake Wobegon

Gordon Brown, Prime Minister of Great Britain, declared this week that his government will “take Britain’s schools to the next level and make them world class“.

Our superintendent has used the same phrase several times over the past year to describe the education the students in our overly-large school district are receiving.

Is that like saying all our children are “above average” (not to mention that “all the women are strong, all the men are good looking”?

Or is “world class” a phrase that’s past it’s expiration date? At least when applied to education.

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  1. diane

    The world is a big place, and some parts of it are not worth emulating!

    Is our goal to increase our manufacturing base by paying low wages and skimping on safety and quality control (like China)?

    Or to quash political controversy by shooting citizens and journalists and shutting down the Internet (like Myanmar)?

    Our BOE once had a district goal of being the best school in the country…no definition of what “best” meant, no indication of how that was to be achieved.

    Maybe I should suggest that we shoot aim higher and become “world class”…or “universe class”?

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