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Going Forward

It’s no great philosophical observation but sometimes life hits you in the head and insists that you pay attention to something other than what you had planned. I won’t go into detail but that’s the basic explanation for the month-long silence in this space and my almost silence in other channels over the same period.

So, as most of the world celebrates Julius Caesar’s largely artificial construct of resetting the calendar on this date (September still seems like a more relevant point), I’m going forward very confident that 2013 will be much better than the last part of 2012.

Happy new year, everyone and I hope the same holds true for you.


  1. Melissa Scott

    Missed “seeing” you and your witty self the last month. Hope everything is OK…

  2. Karen Richardson

    Glad we got to chat during the webinar. Hope 2013 brings good things. (And I agree about September even though I made some resolutions.)

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