Happy Anniversary!

The annual invoice from my web host that arrived in the weekend email reminds me that AssortedStuff is celebrating it’s fourth anniversary and this rant fest is one year old. It’s also roughly the 9th anniversary of my first attempt at a web site (which became the Top 101 Web Sites For Teachers part of this site).

All these starting points piling up at the start of the year have nothing to do with New Year’s Day and everything to do with winter break. As I’ve mentioned in an earlier post, long school breaks are good times to get personal projects done. And since I have ten thumbs (none of them green), my projects tend toward the computer rather than house and garden.

Incidentally, for those observant visitors who notice that my archives only go back to May, the reason is that I started doing this blog by hand a year ago. My arrogant little mind believed it knew enough about web publishing to not need any assistance in the effort. Fortunately, it wasn’t too much later someone pointed me to Movable Type. A great package and even more amazing for the fact that it’s free (but send a donation anyway!). A side benefit of using MT is that I’ve learned a lot about web publishing (especially CSS) and about how much I still don’t know.