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Happy (Web) Anniversary to Me

If you will indulge me a rare ego post, I’d like to place into the web record that today marks the third anniversary of this blog. This week is also the sixth birthday for the AssortedStuff domain, for what that’s worth.

What surprises me most about the milestone is not that I’ve actually been writing semi-rational rants for three years but that I’m still having a good time doing it.

Beyond that, however, the process has also led me to discover – and learn much from – a large number of fellow bloggers, a few of whom I’ve actually had the privilege of meeting in person. It’s impossible to estimate the knowledge I’ve received from all of them (you).

As long as I’m writing about personal web anniversaries, I’ll also toss in here that sometime this year will mark ten years that I have been regularly publishing to the web. Considering that the web itself is only about 15 years old, I guess that means I was on the cutting edge. Or way behind the curve. :-)

So, what better way to celebrate an anniversary than to redecorate the place?

If you’ve read this far, thanks for your indulgence. And Happy New Year!

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  1. Chris Lehmann


    (and you’re shaming me into doing a site redesign soon myself!)

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