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Heading in the Wrong Direction

States and the federal government have already watered down just about everything when it comes to building a quality education system for this country, so this latest step should surprise no one.

Senators have included in key legislation language that would allow teachers still in training to be considered “highly qualified” so they can meet a standard set in the federal No Child Left Behind law.

In an era when the education mantra is that all kids deserve great teachers, some members of Congress want it to be the law of the land that a neophyte teacher who has demonstrated “satisfactory progress” toward full state certification is “highly qualified.”

Many politicians and other education “experts” have already downgraded the concept of “well educated” to mean “receiving passing scores on a series of multiple choice tests”.

Now some of them want to define-down “highly qualified” as “heading in the right direction”.

I wonder what it takes to be a “highly qualified” congress critter.

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  1. organized chaos

    Basically this means that TFA teachers are highly qualified. They no longer have to go from Harvard to a classroom where they have to send the parents a letter explaining that they are not highly qualified (what they have to do now). This is for the Ivy egos.

    It’s also in response (I assume) to the California ruling earlier this year that considering teachers in training to be highly qualified was against NCLB. That ruling really sent TFA in a tizzy because it meant there whole system was being called into question.

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