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Heads Up!

When iPods only played music they came with ear buds. Now that they play videos, shouldn’t they come with this?

At $600, I won’t be getting the EyeBud 800 any time soon (not to mention the $300 for a new iPod) but it’s a cool idea anyway. I just don’t want to be in front of the guy trying to use the device while driving.

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  1. Browneyedgirlie

    Ugh, that thing is ridiculous.

    I bought my first iPod (the Nano) over the holidays and I LOVE it. I don’t mnd the earbuds, actually.

    Though, I’m already so in love with it, that I must purchase an adapter so I can listen to all the music goodness in my car, instead of just at the gym.

  2. Liza Lee Miller

    Resistance is futile. You will be assimilated.

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