Hooked On The Web

According to a survey conducted by researchers at Stanford University, more than 12% of American adults display traits common to addicts when it comes to internet use.

So, what does that behavior look like?

More than 8% of the 2,513 respondents to the Stanford University phone survey said they hid their use from partners.

Almost 6% said they felt their wanderings in cyberspace adversely affected their relationships with other people.

Nearly 8% of people said they went online to escape real world problems.

Well, none of that sounds like me.

The results showed that nearly 14% of respondents found it difficult to stay away from the internet for periods of several days.

No comment.

A typical addict is a single, white college-educated male in his 30s, who spends more than 30 hours a week on “non-essential” computer use, it found.

Mixed bag. Not single and certainly not in my 30s.

And none of my time on line is “non-essential”! :-)

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