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How Am I Supposed To Know What’s Hip?

The Washington Post presents it’s annual list of what’s In and Out in the world of style and, once again, I couldn’t tell you who or what a third of the references mean. However, I want to know who decided that Barry Manilow is In? Again? I hate to admit that I was around when he was In the first time.


  1. J.P. Laurier/Catholic School Blogger

    The great part about reading those lists as a fortysomething is that since I never knew about the things that were “out” when they were “in,” I don’t have to feel ridiculous about ever having paid attention to them…
    You write about NCLB a lot…is it “out” now or still “in?” :)

  2. Tim

    The concept of NCLB is in and for any good teacher has always been in. It’s the execution of this particular set of laws that give me problems, starting with the fact that Congress never even came close to fully funding the provisions. There is a growing opposition to parts of the law even among the people who wrote it.

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