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Ignore Email

I wonder if I could convince our bureaucracy to try this.

Last week saw the start of Zero Email Fridays at Intel along with a plan to uncubicle their offices.

As for ZEF, the plan doesn’t strictly ban e-mail. Intel is characterizing it more as an attack on the preference to use e-mail rather than walk across the aisle and talk to one’s coworker.

At least my cube is a little better than the example pictured in the article.

I’d certainly enjoy having permission to ignore my email for a day. :-)

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  1. Stephen Downes

    Corporate politics being what they are, I’d prefer to have an email record of what was said, rather than a completely unverifiable verbal conversation.

  2. sylvia martinez

    This seems like pointless micro-management. What will they do next, Zero Bathroom Break Thursdays?

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