The media perception of teaching and teachers has never been what you would call accurate. I doubt NBC’s new situation comedy called Teachers is going to help much.

On the plus side, the show could actually be pretty good since it was created by a writer from Scrubs, the best comedy now on television.

On the minus side is the avalanche of cliches in the show description.

Modern education isn’t easy. It takes everything for Filmore High School English teacher Jeff to get through a day, when he’s surrounded by a school administration mired in bureaucratic red tape and apathetic teachers who adhere to absurd and antiquated rules. And that’s only after he’s done contending with his class of text-messaging, video-gaming, short-attention-span students who refuse to crack open a book.

Most doctors tend to hate medical shows because of the unrealistic picture they present. But at least most of them try to take a serious approach to their subjects and some are even entertaining.

From the trailers running all over NBC, this show looks to be both unrealistic and far less than serious. Entertaining remains to be seen.

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