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Include All The Alternative Theories

W, our science-challenged president, thinks students should be taught "theories" like "intelligent" design along side of evolution in their biology classes. Being one who believes in exposing kids to all the possibilities, maybe he would also support teaching fascism and communism as equivalent theories of government to democracy.

And let’s not stop there. There are also alternative theories bouncing around other subjects as well.

History? Make sure all those open-minded students hear that we never landed on the moon, President Kennedy was killed by the CIA and the Nazis couldn’t possibly have killed 6 million Jews.

I wish I had written this! However, it comes from an opinion piece in the Salt Lake Tribune. The writer makes the point with satire but ends with a very serious suggestion.

But given the limited time and resources of our schools, and the sometimes minuscule attention span of our students, we need to make sure we don’t lose our focus.

In science class, focus on established science.

Exactly right!

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  1. Mark Scardiglia

    Here’s a link to a Toles cartoon that pretty much says it all:


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