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iPhone For The Teacher

At the risk of losing my geek badge, not to mention my Apple fanboy membership, I have to admit I did not buy an iPhone this past week.

I’m not rich like Wesley :-) and I really don’t use the cell phone that I have now. So I haven’t come up with a compelling reason to plunk down the 500 bucks.

However, I have been reading and listening to the many evaluations of the device and there’s one overwhelming point that jumps out at me in just about all of them.

This is not a phone. It’s a handheld computer.

The reviewers rave about the interface and how easy it is to use. They discuss the experience of browsing the web. Much is said about the keyboard and the email experience. And about using photos, music, video.

They talk about everything except the actual phone part of the iPhone.

Look closely and I think that what Apple has created is version 1 of a classroom one-to-one computing device.

It may take as long as five years to evolve (not to mention come down in price), but a device like this is could provide enough handheld power for teaching and learning in a form factor that kids will actually use anywhere, anytime.

The truth is they’re already using very capable communications tools, just not as part of their education. (And whose fault is that?)

But down the line, when they combine the beautiful display, extreme ease of use, and easy connection to the web with some additional software and features appropriate for education, this could be the computer in your classroom.

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  1. Paul Levinson

    Savvy post. The one crucial way, though, in which iPhone is a computer+phone is the ease with which it allows you to dial someone offline, when you’re online – like a restaurant, in the calamari commercial. http://paullevinson.blogspot.com/2007/07/mouth-watering-iphone-commercial-and.html

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