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Irony Overload

H&R Block, legendary doer of other people’s taxes, screwed up their own tax return last year. The company has admitted underreporting their 2005 liabilities to the state of California by $32 million.

This year the company discontinued the Mac version of their tax preparation software, Tax Cut, forcing me to switch to TurboTax.

Thanks, H&R Block.

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  1. Tom

    Wow, the tax messup is pretty sad. I do feel sorry for them I guess it’s a huge company. Other companies make mistakes and come out okay and I would expect the same for them. The fact they disclosed what appeared to be something they found themselves seems admirable – especially considering the timing.

  2. mpragnes

    geez, i’m surprised i don’t mess my own simple taxes up more — i can’t see how any big company doesn’t screw it up

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